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Write For Us

NuGateway is always looking for new contributors that can be an asset to our team. If you have a passion for writing, want to get your foot in the journalism door, or are a political junkie, this might be the place for you!


As a Contributor

NuGateway gives writers unique access to a large audience almost immediately, with every submitted article having the potential to hit the home page, and be viewed by thousands of readers every day.

  • Although we encourage individual creativity, articles will need to follow specific guidelines. But don’t worry, we’re not trying to discourage your writing – our goal is to get your work published and make you look good.
  • You will be finding breaking news from other sources, as well as creating your own spin on current events.
  • You will need to be available for communication regularly.
Photo Editor

As a Photo Editor

A great photo can make or break a good piece of writing. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality content to our viewers, you will be responsible for finding great visual material that draw the reader in.

  • You will help provide photos for our main news window articles.
  • You will need consistent access to Facebook and other mediums of communications so you can pick up articles to create photos for.
  • You should have a basic understanding of what we are and aren’t allowed to use – preferably with some knowledge of GNU, the U.S. Copyright Act, and fair use agreements, but if you’re not yet up to speed, we’re happy to help you.
Photo Editor

As a Moderator

We are looking for someone who is mature, contributes positively to the community, and has an interest in positively influencing the forum further. Moderators must be able to use proper English. Moderators must have a reputation for being calm, eager to help, and doing their best to be helpful. No experience is necessary, but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

  • You will monitor discussions and forum postings to ensure content meets the NuGateway guidelines, addressing violations when necessary.
  • You will discuss administrative policy with other moderators and more experienced administrators and will be responsible for enforcing this policy.

Compensation varies, and will be discussed once your duties as a contributor have been agreed upon by you and us. Serious inquiries only, we need part time, and full time contributors but we don't need anyone who is not willing to be a consistent and reliable member of our team.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and your qualifications.
  • Would you be contributing as a liberal, or a conservative?
  • Please provide us with a writing sample. Feel free to create your own mock article relating to any current event or news piece.
Send an email to: writeforus@nugateway.com for more information